Springclean: When do you do it?

One could argue that this post has nothing to do with crafting, but I have to point out that I just threw a lot of stationery and craft materials away so it is related. So, when do you do it? 
I usually springclean before the New Year and around the middle of the year. At the start of the year, we’re all looking forward to a new year, perhaps a better year than the last. We make resolutions and goals, and list out steps that would help us achieve them. And we want our room/house/apartment to reflect the positivity that we are adopting. I do it again around the middle of the year because it is the second phase of my year, when my holidays just started and I feel like I have the energy of ten men and I wanted to do so many things. They are usually the things one put off, or give excuses during the school term, like eating properly or exercising. The middle of the year was also a good time to look back on the first half of the year and reflect on it. 
I have made a change in my life over the last two months. I made writing my top priority. It is something that I have been doing periodically in my life, and something that I really enjoy doing and could see myself doing it for the rest of my life. Really, I am turning 26 this October, if I continue to wait, I may never finish one novel at all. Not to mention I’ll be one of those would-be writers who always say they want to be a writer but never do anything about it. 
What does that mean? 
I still knit, but only when I am travelling and can’t bear spending an hour staring into nothingness or scrolling through Instagram. Or when I am trying to relax after spending a day writing. I don’t really do much crafts anymore otherwise. That means I have plenty of watercolors, markers, stamps and inkpads, calligraphy holders, nibs and inks, papers and notebooks around that I don’t really use anymore. 
I am a hoarder when it comes to things I love. I have difficulty just getting one because I am afraid that it will run out and I won’t be able to replace them. I mean, you never know right? My room is full of yarns and papers and books and plenty of craft stuff. I’ve been feeling crowded by them, especially when I don’t really use beyond 30% of them. They’re mostly sitting around, gathering dust. And since I’ve been writing, all I’ve touched are my books. 
What I did on Sunday

I overhauled my room. I kept the ones I will still be using occasionally (for example, stamps and cardmaking stuff) and move them into the cupboard. I threw away books I haven’t read for 3 or more years and will likely not touch again. I threw stationeries that I hoard but will not use. I move my writing books and research books down to the shelves that used to contain all art and craft stuff. I  try to be merciless in my decision on what to keep and what not to. 
Some stuff I keep aside instead of binning it because I can sell them and recoup some of my losses, rather than just simply throwing it away. I still have bags of yarns and cloths around that I hope will be able to go inside containers once I threw the comics that had been sitting for years within them. 
My room is already less cluttered. It makes me feel happier to be seeing more of my floor instead of knocking over things whenever I am move around. The shelf of writing books also makes me more focus on my writing since I can easily reach for them when I need them now. If I haven’t touched something in years and don’t miss them, I likely won’t miss them if I threw them away. I do keep certain things though for sentimenta reasons, like all the diaries and journals I’ve written since I was a child. Those are memories.
I’ve also decided to be wiser and stricter when it comes to purchasing things. I’ve been very material when it comes to purchases. I should instead buy things that would improve myself, like experiences.  I’ve actually signed up for ballet classes in June and editing classes in July. Just so you know, I have no sense of rhythm and two left feet, but hey, it is a new thing to learn and I am all for learning. It should be fun, if not hilarious. I don’t need six watercolor palettes, really. 

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