New Year’s Eve


Hopefully everyone is out celebrating or something! I’m spending today resting… Trying to get things together for the new year. Hopefully next year will be better. I want to be better. I want to try.

I achieved some of the goals that I’ve set for 2016:

  1. 12 pairs of socks for the year 
  2. Purlbee’s Jasmine scarf
  3. Learned to do yarnovers properly
  4. Learned afterthought heels
  5. Learned Fish Lips Kiss heels
  6. Learned Kitchener stitch
  7. Learned crocheting
Goals for 2017:
  1. Be more active on Ravelry’s forums
  2. Knit more shawls
  3. Knit a sweater 
  4. Knit Christmas Advent Mittens
  5. Knit 12 socks for the year
My main goal for the next year would definitely be sweater knitting. I’m excited about it. I can’t wait! It would be great! Except I’m having some difficulty getting the gauge right because apparently I’m a very tight knitter, or I am measuring my swatches wrongly. 
Anyway, I’ll be posting again soon! I aim to post yarn brand reviews next year too. 
Enjoy your new year! 🙂

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