Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day! 
What did you do for the holidays? It was the same as any other day for me. Except… my house was quieter than before. Mum baked cookies and christmas bread. My dad worked. My other sister was out celebrating with her boyfriend, and my youngest sister practiced for choir. And me… I wished that I was with my boyfriend too, except he was sick and he refused to be with me. 
I ripped my Future Blanket up on Christmas Eve. It was 94 inches on each side and nearly 3/4 done. It took 20 skeins, which I took months to knit. It only took 10 hours to destroy everything, and also, my arm hurt after that. I made the blanket using the PurlBee’s Colorblock Bias Blanket Pattern. It feels very nice. I intend it to be on our (me and my boyfriend’s) bed. Except… I guess life interfered. 
Have you knitted anything for anyone and then things didn’t work out? 

Rainbow socks with contrast heels in grey. I’m really loving the colours. This is the twelfth pair for the year! I’m done! I reached my goal! I think I’ll knit another twelve pairs next year. 🙂 You know, on top of the sweaters and gloves and shawls that I am going to knit. I am making a list. 

Working on a new shawl for the new year. I’m using Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply for this, and I realised that is rather loosely plied, and sometimes it’ll come apart between my needles. 
Right now, I’m dreaming of Starbucks hot chocolate. I’ve been drinking plenty of hot chocolate this December. Fortunately, it is rainy enough this month that I can enjoy a few hot drinks. It’ll be 2017 soon, and everything will be better, right? 
Things will get better. 

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