EatSleepKnit Black Friday Purchase and Freebies

My black Friday yarn purchases finally arrived, after two weeks. Needless to say, I have been waiting anxiously and I brought out my scissors asap I saw the boxes. 
The Black Friday promotion from EatSleepKnit is a little different from other promotions. The lowest discount you can get is 10% and the highest- you can get your entire order for free! The discount is random and only shown after your checkout, which was why I put in three orders. I got 10%, 15% and 20% respectively. Not bad after all. 
I had waited for the Black Friday sale for the shop for a long while. It was a good way for me to get Madelinetosh, Lorna’s Laces and Sweet Georgia yarns (I tried getting them from Loveknitting, but yarns from those brands don’t ship from UK, and my parcels always got lost on route. Those that were dispatched from UK did not have this problem.) 
First, let’s talk about freebies, shall we?
Freebies! There are alot of freebies! Badges, and stickers… Candies… Pens (One of them is dry so I had to throw it away)… A notebook… Measuring tape… Notions kit… and my 10k club yarn. 
All the badges are super cute, and I love my notions kit. I’ve filled it with my stitch markers, according to size. 
I’m pretty happy with the yarn I got. It is Blue Moon Faber Arts Marine Silk Worsted in the colorway The Final Frontier. I’ve not had this brand before, neither have I ever knitted with silk (this one is 51% silk, 27% merino, 20% sea cell Rayon), so this will be a fun one to try. I think I’ll knit it into a hat or something. There s a bit of halo to it that I’m not very sure about.. It feels rather nice though. With 222m, I’m thinking of making it into cowl… But I’m not too sure about short cowls. 

I put in a huge order of sock yarns. I prefer sock yarns because I like knitting socks. Plus if I knit shawls, fingering weight yarns means that I can use them in the tropical climate of Singapore, as opposed to bulky cowls and chunky scarves. 
The above photo are yarns from Madelinetosh in the colorway (from top): Rose, Silver Leaf, Candlewick and Sugar Plum. Rose is a light sweet pink while Sugar Plum is a lilac. Candlewick is a darker yellow than I expected; perhaps I should have gotten Sunshine or something like that. Silver Leaf is a pale silver with an odd green tinge. I wanted more monochrome colours in my yarn palette, such as brown, beiges, whites, greys and black, so I’m slowly building that up. 

Sweet Georgia yarns are definitely a delight. The above are (from top): Apricot, Dreamboat and West Wind. Apricot is a very nice pastel coral, Dreamboat a nice pastel lilac and West Wind a good mixture of blues and some greens. 
I really like the colours from Sweet Georgia. They have a huge variety, plus I’m not much for variegated yarns, so these are really appealing to me. 

Next: Malabrigo sock yarns. I’ve knitted with alot of Malabrigo before. They are very nice to feel and affordable too. Here I have( from top): Pearl and Water Green. The Pearl is supposed to be grey but it has an odd brown tinge to it. Kinda reminds me of pecan pie, I have no idea why. Water Green is a very nice light green. I also threw in a few more skeins of white in my orders, I think I have nearly 8 or so skeins now because I wanted to make Mirkfallon

Last, I have Lorna Laces. The top one is Solemate in the color Navy Pier, and the bottom one is Shepherd Sock in Tidepool. I wanted to try out the outlast material in Solemate to see if it really does maintain body temperature. I’m equally fascinated to knit with Tidepool- beach colours are really my kind of thing. It’ll probably be the next pair of socks I knit. 

About the order: I am quite satisfied with the order. My yarns were all packaged nicely, and I really enjoyed the freebies. I’m a little disappointed with the greys I have, and the yellow, but that’s fine. I also didn’t realised that I have so much green in my order. I guess my subconscious wanted me to knit some greens (I really don’t like green much). I’ll probably try to throw in some worsted weight yarns next time and more light colours- blue preferably.

I’m still working on my 12th sock of the year, and watching too much shows, gorging on chips and hot chocolate. Hopefully I get to finish that pair when for my next post! 🙂

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