A Week’s Worth of Hats and Socks

I’ve been busy knitting this week! In the last three days, I was really knitting all day, and watching shows all day. It is really nice to be relaxing and knitting, drinking hot tea in the cold weather. 
Pattern: PurlBee’s Travelling Cable Hat
I made this hat with Malabrigo Rios. The colorway is Purple Mystery, but it looks more like a dark dark blue, with flecks of black. It is really pretty. I am knitting with Rios for the first time, and I love it. I’ll definitely be using and buying more of Rios in the future. I also bought Malabrigo Worsted, but I don’t really like it but it’s not as tightly plied. It was also why I didn’t really like Knitpicks Preciosa. However, I’ve noticed that Malabrigo Rios has less colours than Worsted. 

Pattern: Simple Boyfriend’s Hat
This is a very quick knit, and it’s rather small. I only used about 55g of Knitpicks Swish Worsted in Cobblestone. I used 4mm knitting needles. 
Pattern: Hermione’s Everyday’s Socks

Using 2.25mm metal dpns, and Knitpicks Felici Beyond the Wall. I used some Knitpicks Stroll Fingering in Ash to make the heel. It took rather long to knit it but it was still easy because it’s merely knit and purls, no cabling at all

Pattern: Coopknits Budleigh 
This pattern is very interesting. It has two kinds of cabling plus it is a mirror image of each other as well. I’m not too sure about how it’ll look on the feet though. 

I also bought a lot of knitting needles from Loveknitting as well, using the 25% off, and an extra 2.25 mm set of knitting needles. I’ve got plenty of 2.5mm needles but only 1 set of 2.25mm. 
Speaking of yarn purchase, my orders from Eat.Sleep.Knit has arrived. They’re my first purchases  from the online store and I get to try out more yarn brands so I am rather excited. I’ll be doing an extra post for it. 

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