The Climb towards Christmas

December is an important is an important month for crafters. For those rare breeds who prepare in advance, they spend months working on Christmas gifts. For the rest of us (and me), this is the mad scramble of sewing, knitting, crocheting and crafting. 
I’ve made a list, but there isn’t anything fanciful on it. I don’t really engage in any exchange of presents, although I am known for randomly giving away the things I made just because. So far, I have given away 6 pairs of socks this year, and some amigurumis too. 
For Christmas, I thought I would try to finish two pairs of socks, both presents. I am also working on some pillows, and some Christmas amigurumis or pouches for the rest. Plus, I also found this very nice Christmas tree socks that I’d like to make for myself before the year is done. That would be a really nice round up to the end of the year, plus, bringing the pairs of socks that I made in 2016 to a nice number: 12. 
Here’s a look at the pillows that I made. I cut out two pieces of cloth measuring 15×9 inches and filled it with bursting with stuffing. It is meant to use as a back pillow, because my friend has a bad back and sitting in a chair for hours hurt his back. So these two are quite hard. 
I initially wanted to knit a cover for the pillows but I thought it would be a shame to cover up the fabulous fabric. What do you think? 
Don’t you love the fabric? I got them from Taipei. It means these are good mementos of the trip too. I love it when I get to make things out of materials I got from a trip. 
FYI, the second one is mine because…. I simply love the first one I made. 🙂 
*Is the photo blurry? It looks blurry. 
I finished the first of both socks. Casting on the second ones tonight. I’ll see if I can finish both by next week. That’ll be really good. I’ve never knitted this much this quickly before. 
The blue/grey sock is so long that luckily I knitted the heel with a contrast yarn because I was left with only a bit of the yarn by the time I finished with the toe. Usually I have enough yarn from a 100g to work on a pair of mittens. But my friend wanted long sock and he has huge feet. 🙂 At least he’s a guy and doesn’t really go for complicated patterns so it was a fast and easy knit. 
That’s all I have for the week. I had to go out yesterday to buy more stuffing because I’ve used up about 800g of stuffing for my pillow. Fortunately there was a sale at Spotlight. (Of course, when I came home that night I found a $5 voucher in my mailbox…) 
Happy crafting. Hope you are making good progresses in your own projects. 

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