December Cold

Hi everyone! 
It’s the month of Christmas- December. Are you working on your Christmas knitting? 
It is mainly cold, or as cold as it can be raining in a tropical country. I am wearing a sweater with a hoodie over my head as I knit. I am drinking warm soups and hot teas and chocolate. There’s a scented candle burning in my room. 
This month, I decided to go crazy and knit two different pairs of socks at a time. I think the cold got to me. Or maybe it’s Christmas.
First pair of sock is this: Budleigh pattern from my Coopknits sock pattern book. Budleigh is a sock pattern with two different pattern. Sounds like fun? 
Yarn: Knitpicks Felici Sprinkles 
I usually do a fish lip kiss heel because I hate to pick up stitches. My picked-up stitches are often too loose and I hate that in the heels of my socks. But I decided to give it a second try this time. Because the heel has slipped stitches, it made it easy for me to pick up stitches for my gusset. However, there are still a few stitches that are not snug enough for my liking. Still, there is something to be said for a heel that matches the pattern.

Second pair of sock: It’ll be an easy pattern. Hermione everyday socks, I think. I really like this color combination: Knitpicks Felici Beyond the Wall. 

I’ve also decided to start on a new shawl. I’m using Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 Ply instead of fingering weight yarn because I’ve got 3 balls of yarn lying around, and have put in another order of two more so that I can complete my shawl. I have no idea why I like buying red yarns. I have plenty of red and blue colours in my stash. 
I just organised my stash and recorded everything I have so that I can make a decent stab at it. I have too many single ball of yarns lying around that I probably won’t use. This is also partly to make room for yarns that I have bought on Black Friday. 
What have you been working on? 

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