Hobonichi Weeks Review

Hi everyone!
I’m writing this up a few days in advance and scheduling it to post on Saturday. If you’ve been following closely on my instagram and blog, you’d know that I had a mishap with my computer (with water!) last week. I thought it was fine when I was able to turn it on on Tuesday, but now it appears that my computer couldn’t work unless it is plug into the charger. Which also means, that my computer is no longer portable. As such, I thought I would bring it in for service before my school reopens so that I will be able to study outside of my house! I never really thought about how important a role my computer plays in my daily life until I couldn’t have it anymore. 
Anyway, I wanted to post a review on my Hobonichi Weeks! I thought it was the perfect timing, since the 2017 Hobonichi will go on sale next Thursday Sept 1st (I, for one, am waiting eagerly for it). I have already decided what I wanted and one of the items I will be grabbing is a Hobonichi Weeks. I got one in April this year and it works out really well. 
Let me show you how I use mine. 
I got the blue hardcover one. It lies flat when I am writing. I have heard that the softcover ones doesn’t do that. It’s hearsay, since I haven’t used one before. But a hardcover one works for me because I am not going to buy a cover for it. 

I have tried bullet journaling a few times, but mainly I am annoyed by the consistent and ritualistic need for updates. I don’t do consistent very well, as you can tell. But I am trying to make it a habit to accomplish tasks everyday instead of procrastinating everything to one single day. (I hope to do one post on bullet journaling next time.) 
Here is some pages of how I use my weeks. One side of the page is weekly and the other side is just a plain grid. You can use it any way you want. I have only recently devise the pages above, as well as color coding my days, since I sometimes skip my tasks between days. 

Here is something I did when I just got it: use it as a food diary! I now do it on the calendar section of my Hobonichi cousin. I pretty much leave the calendar section of weeks alone… 

Here’s my first written page in my Weeks. I soon realise that I am not someone who like hand lettering and embellishing my notebooks and journals a lot. I tend to just cramp as many words in. I don’t even use much washi tapes or stamps at all! Stickers are good though, but still infrequent. The marker I used in this page is Pigma Micron markers. They’re one of my favourites! 

Here’re some of the blank pages in the book. 

About halfway through till the end, the book is filled with plain grid paper. If you look at the corners of each page, you’ll see that they’re all numbered! Which means that you can fill in a proper index page at the front of this section. I find such details amazing. 
I use this section to make notes, lists, and travel plans. I have a section on Travel Shopping, a reading list, a huge chunk on Taipei travel information followed by Taipei travel diary. It is such a thin notebook that I brought this with me to Taipei instead of hauling my Cousin, which is stuffed to the brim with notepads, bookmarks as well as a photo album. 

What I love most about Weeks is its size! It is slim and is about the size of a wallet. While I have tried carrying a Midori TN before, I find this even slimmer than that, taking up less space, which means I have more space for other things in my bag. This is great for planning on the go! 
By the way, the blue band I used is from Taipei. It is very useful in securing the sides so that they do not open in my bag and get all the pages wrinkled. 
As usual, the pages by Hobonichi is thin and can withstand lots of ink and fountain pens. I use them habitually in my Cousin. The paper is also the reason why I am hogging Stalogy notebooks like a fiend recently. I like that it is thin so a normal sized notebook has more pages in it than others with usual paper! 
Hope that you find this interesting! I am certainly a big fan of Hobonichi and have since made my two sisters converts as well. 
If you have not seen the 2017 lineup, you can do it here
On another note, I will have the Halloween cards up on my shop soon! This batch includes some adorable bookmarks. 🙂 
I would also like you to participate in a short poll on what things you would want to see on my shop. It would help me in deciding what to list in the shop! Any helpful comments are certainly welcome! There is also another one on the posts you’d like to read more on this blog. It would take less than a minute for both of them! 🙂 You can find each on the sidebar. 
Thank so much for reading each post, and for participating in the polls 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Hobonichi Weeks Review

  1. I love my Hobonichi Weeks too! What did you get for 2017? I was lucky I was able to get “Endless”. Although I had to get a cover this time because of Endless' light color…


  2. Hi Fran,
    I bought the Madras checkered one for myself and the Marine for my sister. She is going to start using Weeks next year; I've convinced her of it. Can't wait for the year to end so I can use it!


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