Last Week’s Knits

Hi everyone! 
There was a little hiccup (ok, it as a pretty big deal since it involves my computer being soaked in water) over the weekend so I couldn’t put up this post, but now that the incident is over, I’m writing it up now! 
My school still haven’t put up the study materials yet so I can’t study anything, and last week was spent drooling over Stalogy notebooks (my new favourite, up there with Hobonichi), waiting for the 2017 Hobonichi lineup to appear on Friday (did you take a look?), lying in bed reading, and working on my knits. 
Here’s a look at the cowl I’m working on. It’s the Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland. I doubled up my Knitpicks Stroll Brights in Hot Tamale and am going to use all four skeins I have. So far I’ve counted 12 repeats of the patterns (that is 2 skeins) gave me 6.5inches. I intended to have a thick cowl! 
Here’s the front of the pattern. It’s super bright on my computer! Hope you guys don’t get blinded by it… The color is beautiful though.

And here’s the back! It is just a lot of purls. It looks nice, but of course I prefer the front side. The pattern is very easy to manage, just knits and purls. Oh, did I mention that I made a mistake and my cowl has a twist now? I only discovered it after an inch or so into the knitting and by then, I  didn’t want to cast on all 240 stitches anymore… so… 
Here’s the second project I’m working on! Doesn’t the cable look glorious? This is the first time I’ve tried such an intricate cable work and it takes a lot of attention. I call it active knitting.. you know.. when you can’t knit and watch movies on your computer at the same time. Yeah. I spent last week working on five rows at a time. Yesterday I turned the heel, and I’ll be trying all 10 rows in a day, split between morning and night knitting, of course. I decided not to rush this one. 
Here’s another photo. I’m using Knitpicks Stroll in Duchess colorway. It is a very nice royal purple that showoff the cables perfectly. I made some adjustment near the heel, since I am knitting FLK heel… I’ll say more when I am done with the socks! 

This pattern is Lady Eliza by Caoua Coffee. You can find the pattern free on Revelry! 
What happened with my computer? 
Well, as always I have a mug of water on my desk, and on Friday morning, I spilled it all over my Macbook. It was completely drenched. My computer went dark immediately. I picked up my laptop, and tried to get all the water out, but alot of it went into the computer. When I held it at an angle, there was water dripping onto the floor. It was that bad…
Anyway, I did what anyone would do. Use my phone to google what I should do. So for the last four days, I placed my comp at the edge of the computer, keyboard on the desk and the screen hanging off the side, and let it dry. I didn’t touch it at all. And hope for the best…
And this evening, I decided to try it again. I pressed the power button. Nothing. I plugged in my charger, and then pressed the power button again. And the screen came on! I was so relieved!!! 
Lesson learned:
Be very very careful with liquids on my desk. This is a very very bad scare that might leave a huge hole in my savings. 
My computer is a huge part of my life! I was so bored without it. My iPad barely scratched the itch. 
Have anything ever happen to you like this before? Share it with me, 

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