Shop Update: Washi Tape Samples

Hi there!

Another short post for the week.

I’ve put up listings for Washi Tape Samples on my shop! I’ve got too much washi tape and I can’t finish them all, so I thought, heh, why not share all the washi love!

Set A – D features all the slim washi tapes that I have. Shop Listing here:

Set E – H are normal sized washi. Shop Listing here

Incidentally, I’ve also got some beautiful paper clips too. The downside is, when I was clearing my desk this week, I kinda misplace them in the move! I’m not worried though, because they’ll turn up sooner than later right? Does this kind of thing happen to you too? 
I’m still not crafting as much. Last night I frogged my red/white cowl and instead cast on a honey cowl. When I’ve got more stitches on the needles, I’ll share them here! 
It’s really been a quiet week. 
Enjoy your weekend, everyone! 

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