How Do You Cross-stitch?

Hi, everyone! 
How’s the week so far for you? 
Yesterday was our National Day so I huddled at home and spent my day reading my novels. It wasn’t too bad at all. I am also clearing up excess projects so that my table would be tidier in lieu of the new school year! I must say I am looking forward to it! Absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on new texts and reading materials! It’ll give me something to do everyday, and a goal in mind. Of course, in a couple of months, I would probably be a little sick of all the studying. But in the meantime, I can enjoy all the new books and stationery and the feeling of getting to start something all over again! Kind of like the start of a new year, for students. It is the time of new resolutions and good intentions!

I have been working on two cross-stitch projects last week. This photo is taken from the Dimension one that I got from Amazon. It is a nice scenery of hot air balloons floating in the sky over some houses by the water. It is really beautiful. 
Unfortunately, I quickly ran into some problems with this project. It consists of not only cross-stitches, but half-stitches and back-stitches. You can see the half-stitch in the blue/purple area above, and in the hot-air balloon. It wouldn’t have been much of a problem, but the half-stitches are made out of strands from different colors, and sometimes they consists of more than two strands, which is the de facto number of strands for the rest of the work. So, the project works up to be oddly textured in certain areas… and I have trouble enjoying it. 
Another complaint that I have about this project is the quality of floss they used. The threads kept coming apart and getting shorter and shorter. I am not entirely certain that I’ll have enough of it for the project. 
As of now, I’ve chucked both projects in the cupboard, where it’ll hibernate for an uncertain amount of time while I work on other stuff. I am doing to attempt a complicated cable sock pattern again. I really like it the first time, but I made a mistake, and unfortunately, fixing cables is not in my repertoire yet. 
Still on the subject of cross-stitch, how do you start your project? Do you fold it and mark the center of the cloth and start from there? Or do you estimate two inches from the end of the cloth and start from a corner? 
I always thought starting from the center is the safest way to go. 🙂
Anyway, have a lovely week! 
Thanks for dropping by my blog,

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