My First TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen

Hi everyone! 
It’s been a while since I blogged, mostly because I have nothing much to say. I am buried in my room with my new cross-stitch, my half done red&white cowl, and my just cast-on sock. I’ve already frogged two other socks that I have begun, and I’m running out of both inspiration and patience. I feel antsy when I can’t feel the smooth flow of creativity. Right now, my creativity is kinda like choppy waves, the ones that make you seasick and throw up overboard. 
Amidst the odd patches, I’ve finished A Life in Stitches by Rachael Herron, which was truly a delightful read. I also got my results from my examinations, and I have finally completed my Year One of my degree! I am excited to get started immediately! I also got a new order of fountain pens from Overjoyed! I’m really enjoying my new pens and inks, it’s just too bad that I can’t use fountain pens to make study notes (highlighter and fountain pen inks doesn’t mix well at all!) 
So… I’ve been seeing a lot of TWSBI fountain pens around, especially on stationery blogs. It doesn’t look that fanciful to me, since I prefer my pens to be simple and sleek. Like LAMY. (I like it’s simplicity!) But I have heard a lot about the quality of TWSBI Fountain Pens and I wanted to try it out. TWSBI Eco is the economic (i.e. cheaper) series so I thought it would be a great wait to try the brand out. 
The pen is nicely packaged, with nice instructions. I got the clear one, but there’s a white one (which looks beautiful as well) and a black one. TWSBI Eco is a pen with a build-in piston, so you can just load up the pen with whatever ink you like! I really like this because I do not like to use ink cartridges, and getting converter with a fountain pen just seem like a hassle. 

The ink filled up quickly, although, oddly enough, it doesn’t fill up the entire space in the pen, but around three-quarters? I thought it was odd but perhaps there is a technical reason for it- like something to do with vacuum and air and ink. The body of the pen is thicker than what I preferred but I can handle it fine. The pen cap is a screw-on, for better security, I guess, or to counter worries about ink leakage in bags or pockets. I do worry that I would accidentally twist the piston-knob at the end of the pen instead of holding the body when I am securing the cap, and get into a horrible ink accident! Hopefully it won’t happen.

I filled up the pen with my new Pilot Iroshizuku Ama-Iro, which is a brilliant sky blue.  I chose the Extra Fine nib, as is my preferred choice, and it wrote beautifully. I enjoy watch the ink in the pen too. Can’t wait to buy a shimmer ink and see what it is like when the pen is filled with shimmer inks instead! I’ve seen that on Instagram and they look beautiful! 
A full page of writing later and I realised that I do not like medium blue at all. It is too bright, making  it hard on the eyes when I try to read the page again. No more bright medium blues for me. 
I am not going to lie when I say I am not planning on getting another TWSBI now (I think I’ll get a TWSBI mini perhaps, or a white TWSBI Eco). A clear LAMY isn’t out either. 😉 
On a side note, My boyfriend just got me some copics from his trip to Japan! And a bunch of Frixon too! Ain’t he the sweetest? 
Thanks for dropping by!

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