Delving into Ringbound Planners

Hi everyone! 
I wanted to put up this post last week but I got away planning for my Taipei trip, and then packing for it. It was a really nice short holiday. There was plenty to eat and shop! The downside was the hot weather: it is as hot as Singapore right now, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to travel there during summer. Winter definitely. I would definitely love to return there again! 
Onto the planners that I wanted to share with you. I bought this stack of stuff from a website from China for around SGD$80+. They consist of leather planners and inserts with accessories. I wanted to switch my knitting/crocheting/sewing planners over to a ring planner so that it is easier to add pages to each category. 🙂 
This is the brown A6 version. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it precisely, but today I added swatches of my nail polish collection in it. I didn’t want to buy doubles of the current nail polishes I have now. What I love about this planner is that it has a rubber band closure, instead of a magnetic clasp or a button clasp. I find that the latter two add unnecessary bulk. I like the cover, it is a good quality and sufficiently thick. I am really impressed, especially with the price I got it for. 
There are card slots on the cover, and you can also add things to the slot in the back. 

I bought some plastic pockets for cards and other stuff. They’re pretty cheap, and comes in handy sometimes. 
Did you see the pen on the side? It’s a Pilot Frixon erasable pen. I am a big fan of it now! I got a bunch of it in Taipei too. It was so cheap there! 

I bought a couple of rulers and some filing sheets. I found out the hard way I need rulers when I am on the go because my knitting requires measurements sometimes. 

I really like the notch on the side! It means my leather won’t be cramped on the side after I use it for a long time! Especially after it gets a bit tight after I added more things to it. 

Found these really awesome plastic where I can wrap washi tapes around it. This is really handy. I got 12, and they’re all used up now. They’re really cheap too! 

I got more inserts for the planners. I didn’t realise that the planners already come with some inserts and ended up with double of them. They have a variety as you can see. I didn’t get the weekly or monthly inserts because I’m not interested in planning that way. 

I bought some small clips. The extra rings and rubber bands comes free. 

Pockets for A5. The card slots for A5 isn’t the same. The cards are lined vertically. 

This is the A5 one. It is aqua in color. It comes nicely wrapped like this, in a box. 

There is a place at the back where they put a handy notepad for you. The paper inside can be tore off easily. 
The leather for the A5 is a little lousier than the A6. As you can see at the bottom, near the metal binder, the leather looks like a piece is torn. I also notice that the metal closure doesn’t close right. 

The outside looks perfectly fine though, and the clasp work sufficiently. I think for $30+ it is still a worthy find and purchase. 
I bought all these from It is a chinese website, and there is no english translation at all. It works rather like Amazon or Etsy. There are many sellers on it, and they ship worldwide. The items arrive within a week, which is so much better than buying from the US/UK, which requires a much longer shipping time! I currently have an order of stamp carving tools on its way. I wanted to try my hand at it. 🙂 I got inspired by some crafting books I saw in Taipei! 
I’ll be posting my stationery and crafting haul from my trip next, so keep a watch on this blog! 
As always, thanks for dropping by!
Have a good weekend,

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