Project: Cross-Stitch is finally done!

Hi guys! I’ve been missing for the last three weeks, I know… I am really bad at consistency. But I have completed a few projects, namely the cross-stitch, a herringbone cowl, a nice shawl, and also a nice crochet cupid. 
Here’s the completed cross-stitch. It took me about a year, from start to finish, but I have long long periods where I tucked the project in a cupboard somewhere for several months. I really like this painting of flowers, although, I have to say, I much prefer cross-stitch with people. I would be happy to frame this and hang this up on a wall. 

Here’s a close up of the small bird. Isn’t it cute? I love the green thread. 

More close up of the flowers. I got this cross stitch in a kit, which consisted of high quality DMC embroidery thread. I got it for $20, with plenty of thread leftover. The kit also includes an embroidery  clipper and two needles. 

I am glad that I finished it, and I am already planning on my next cross-stitch project! Maybe my Godiva painting, or work on cross-stitch mini stockings for Christmas tree? I saw a really nice set of Christmas tree stockings that I could knit for Christmas, so perhaps I could do that instead. 

Anyway, I still have a few other projects that I want to share. I’ll post it up soon.

Thanks for reading,


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