The Satisfaction of Finishing

I am posting a day late because I needed a rest yesterday. But here it is, a new blog post! My posts have been knitting heavy recently. I hope that it is okay with non-knitter readers because my blog is predominantly a craft blog, and I guess, as my interests are currently focused on fibre art, my blog posts are about that too. I hope that is ok. 🙂 
So, I spent the week trying to clear off my desk of WIPs. Having a great deal of progress makes me feel a little cluttered after a while, especially my desk. It definitely worked! I finished three projects, and am 70% done with the fourth. Of course, I also cast on for a new shawl, because what better ways to celebrate than to start a new project? 
Free Lina Pattern by Johanna of Joko Knits
As I mentioned in my previous post, I finally finished this hat! It is knitted with Knitpicks Swish Worsted on 4mm needles. I made pom pom with my new pom pom makers, and I have more than enough to make another one! I may shorten the hat and lengthen the first ribs at the start, so that it is more snug. The cables are easy to knit, although they kind of make it easy to slide off my head, because they are tight. I am not sure if that make sense, but it does. When I wear it, I have to fold the hat to make it fit better. I do love the color though. Swish Brights are really amazing. 

Shifting Rib Socks by KnitPicks
I finally finished this socks. They have been washed and blocked. I cannot describe how happy I am to get these off my needles. They have been in progress for more than a month, and I have knitted and reknitted so many times that I am more than a little sick of it! But I am glad they are completed. You can see that I have just a little bit of sock yarn left. I was rather worried that I may run out before I finished. Now that is a big headache! Thankfully, I am not plague with that problem… this time.
Cactus Pattern here
Do you have green fingers? I don’t, not really. I like having some green in my house and room, but with plants, there often comes bugs and ants and all kinds of stuff that I don’t really like. Here is a solution: how about a crochet plant? I found the pattern on Revelry while I was looking through the crochet patterns, and I immediately started on one! Knitted with 4Seasons Marvel Acrylic Yarn, these sturdy houseplants are beautiful enough to decorate your desk (or in this case, shelf). There is no pattern for the pot, so I made one myself. 

It has been a satisfying week. Needless to say, I am happy that I have tackled several tasks, and I am definitely looking forward to next week!

Hope you’re having a nice weekend. Thanks for dropping by,


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