Start of Summer

Hi everyone! 
How are you? I hope everyone is doing well! It has been a few weeks since I blogged, but that was due to exams and such. Now that we’ve got that over and done with, let’s move on to more interesting things, yeah? 
I am officially on my summer holiday now. For the next three to four months, I am going to be churning out as many projects as I could! I always get enthusiastic and ambitious at the start of summer. Summer seems to mark a different phrase in life: no school, no structure, and freedom! 
I thought I could share a couple of on-going projects with you. You may have seen some before, on Instagram. My desk is currently covered by work-in-progress (WIPs), and my mac, because watching shows and knitting is a good mix. 🙂 I just completed re-watching Fringe, my favourite series, and am halfway through Sherlock. I love detective shows. 
I’m still working on this pair of socks for my mum. I have knitted a pair technically, but the first one doesn’t fit, so I knitted the second one on bigger needles and increased the stitches. Unfortunately, I am now left with a few grams of yarn for the third one, and whatever is on the first sock. I am worried that I wouldn’t have enough yarn! Oh! I have cast this sock on so many times that I am a little sick of this pattern. Unfortunately, I am a monogamous sock knitter, so I can’t bear the cast on another sock when I haven’t finished this one. Hopefully, it’ll be done by next week! 
Take a close up look at the wavy rib! Isn’t is great! It is knitted using cables and a very simple pattern. This is from Knitpicks Socktacular. I used Hawthorne Speckled. I’m not a big fan of speckled yarn, I have decided. It is just… odd. Well, I only have two more skeins of this yarn. 
I’m also trying to knit this hat. The pattern is a simple cable one. It is called Lina by Jojoknits. I got my Knitpicks yarn two weeks ago, and in it, a couple of Swish worsted. It is a really soft wool. My tolerance for soft yarn is low. For example, I don’t understand why anyone can tolerate Knitpicks Palette. Swish Worsted, however, is a soft yarn that I wouldn’t mind wearing, or touching. I have been knitting this hat for the past few days and however much I frogged, (and I did frogged a lot) it still appears really soft. I can see this yarn as a staple in my stash. 🙂 The next yarn I’d really like to try is Knitpicks comfy. There is no lack of cotton yarn in sunny Singapore. 
As you can see, I’ve finished the hat. It stayed like this for less than fifteen minutes, before I frogged it again. It was a little tight and doesn’t fit that well. Plus, I wanted the neon orange portion to be larger. 
Do you remember seeing this Jasmine scarf? I started it ages ago with yarn I got from my trip to the USA last year. It is still two thirds done. I aim to finish this by the end of this summer! I want to start clearing projects so that they don’t take up too much space! I destashed a lot a while ago, but it started accumulating in recent weeks! 
I also went through a watercolour palette obsession last week. I thought having a really cute portable palette was really the thing. I don’t even water-colour much, really. I have a lot of palettes at home, but I hardly use them. Perhaps if they’re really portable, I might use them on the go? But I managed to restrain myself. I told myself that I should really use what I have now before I invest in another palette. At this point in time, I can’t really tell the difference between really good watercolours or not. Although, I have to say… I am in love with this Winsor and Newton Cotman Travel Palette. The paint is better than what the others I have used before. 
Here, I am playing with using only one paint and deriving a range of colours by varying the amount of paint and water. I find it a good practice learning to control the amount of water as well as getting familiar with the paint. 
I am also trying to do more writing this summer, and trying out bullet journaling, crocheting… I signed up for SkillShare yesterday and decided I could learn something new every week! There are just so many things I could do now, and learn! I really like learning new things! 
Anyway, I have also got some announcements. As you can see, I have made some minute changes to my blog. I have decided to incorporate my shop blog and my craft blog together. I realised I cannot tackle blogging twice a week! I was also in a dilemma about the things I would be posting anyway, because if I keep my shop blog focused on paper crafts and card making, it means I wouldn’t be able to post those cards here and share them with you, if I don’t want to repeat my post materials. I thought it wouldn’t seem fair too, since it was crafting as well. By putting both blog content together, it seems neater. 
Have you drop by my shop? I’ve got a discount going on for the month to celebrate the end of my exams! 
I’ve also got many other projects coming up. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I do! 
That’s all I have today! Thanks for reading till the end. It was a long post and I hope I aren’t rambling at all. 
Have a great weekend, guys. 

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