To New Roads Discovered and New Boundaries Conquered

Hi everyone,

I’ve really been meaning to post more, but I’m right smack in the middle of the preparations for exams so there isn’t much time for me to take photos of my crafting and edit them. Which is really what keeps me from posting. I have no qualms about the writing portion of it! But let’s face it, posts are no fun without any photos right?

I have been busy with my studies, which also means I am busy with my crafting too. The busier I get, the more inspired I get too. Are you like that as well?

Since I last blogged, I have learned how to hand sew a pouch with a zip. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought. It was meant as a birthday present for my boyfriend, so I hand stitched his name on the pouch, as well as a knitted fair isle piece of ‘Go Arsenal’. It was a rather good experience… which led to my second attempt at sewing.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day knitting and sewing a clutch. (You can find the photo at my Instagram @craftingwithjennifer.) I made a simple geometric pattern with Patons Cotton Blend- it is soft and made of cotton and acrylic. I may soon be making a big purchase soon so that I can indulge my love of colors and spontaneity- I was inspired by the crochet pouch made by Makenzie over at BQueen Collections. She sells really beautiful hand carved crochet hooks that had me ogling for the past year. I added lining to the interior of the pouch, and as soon as my pom pom makers arrive, I’ll make a small pom pom and hang it at the zip. I love the zip! I bought chunky zips at Spotlight the day before and they were so cute! I am definitely going to be sewing a lot more this year.

Speaking of crochet… I learned how to crochet! I wanted to learn knitting and crocheting together when I started knitting last year, but thought it’ll mess up my brains to be learning two things simultaneously. So after a year of knitting, I decided to try crocheting, in order to make amigurumis! They are so cute! Plus they look nicer when they’re crocheting. I have been trying three times, but it only just clicked last week. Since then, I’ve made two dishcloths, as well as my first amigurumi bird! 🙂 Like beginner knitters, I am trying to get my tension consistent, as well as practising my basic stitches. The magic ring technique is certainly giving me trouble!

I have got a new order from knitpicks arriving. I ordered more accessories this time: 4 needle pouches, pom pom makers, stitch markers, and a yarn winder! I got a little frustrated as most of my yarns are in skeins, and when I wanted to use one of them, or start on a project immediately, it is hampered by the winding process. I can’t wait to try it out! I am also looking forward to the neon yarns that I ordered. We all need a little neon in our life! 🙂

I intended to write my some DIY posts for the pouches, as well as some purchases and reviews posts! There are so many things I’d like to tell you about! Like my newly found love for fountain pens and inks. And planner stickers. I also bought Hobonichi Weeks and a Wallet that goes along with it. They’re BEAUTIFUL!

There’s no photos in this post. But I promise to make it up after my exams! 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!

Love, Jennifer

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