Knitting Frenzy + Update

Hi everyone! 
Oh, sometimes time does fly! Feels like it was not that long since I was in New York and still trying to keep my blog updated! I have neglected this blog, and my IG (although I am trying to update my IG daily). The truth is, recently, not much crafty things have happened. Well, other than my opening a new shop on Etsy, and learning how to knit socks and mittens… that’s about it. 
But I thought it’d be nice to post a knitting update! Things have been flying off the needles recently, because all I did was watch movies and knit. All is good… I’ve got ambitions this year for knitting! 🙂 

Yarn: Knitpicks Stroll and Knitpicks Hawthorne. 
Boyfriend’s socks. These are knitted in simple stockinette. I’ve always knitted for myself, and I hadn’t realise how BIG  a man’s feet are. *giggle* But these are marvellous, and I fell in love with knitpicks Stroll yarns. I should get more! 
Sirdar’s Heart and Sole. 
Second pair of socks! I didn’t quite like the yarn because it feels itchy. This is the first pair that I blocked, and wow, it sure just look more sock-shape after! Totally blocking all my socks from now on! It’s very easy too. I just wet them, squeeze the water out, and stuff them into these acrylic sock blockers that I got from Knitpicks. Best idea ever! The pattern is called Frank’s Little Cables
Yarn: Knitpicks Felici Yarn 
Third pair of socks done! Just finished this off last night. Don’t you love the stripes? Oh, why do I only got 4 pairs of Felici yarn?! Definitely going to get MOOOOOORE….. 🙂 I’m going on a sock yarn rampage. The pattern is called Pillars of Atlantis
Yarn: Knitpicks Stroll, Knitpicks Felici, Online Supersocke 100 
First time I tried knitting mittens. This is just so soft and beautiful. And they knitted up fast too! I used the Whichaway Mitts pattern from Fringe Association, except I casted on 64 stitches in sock yarn. I’m so glad I chose the green color stripes! Can you see the color change? Isn’t it wonderful? I’m ranting here, but oh, it is just so beautiful! 

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
Another version of the above. I put in some simple colorwork because I wanted to venture into that this year. There are too many beautiful designs that I waned to try! Although I got the yarns all tangled up sometimes, these are certainly good practise! Plus, I love the colors. 
Yarn: 4 Seasons Marvel 8 Ply
A melon coaster, pattern from PurlBee. This is the first time I knitted something in a circle! This will definitely come in handy. 
This year, I’ve taken to keeping notes on all my knitting projects and all patterns and edits, plus any other information. I kept it in my original blue Midori, but that later turned out too small, so I switched it up to an orange Pelledori. The thing is nearly 2.5inches thick! You can also see the new braided cable bracelet in the photo. 🙂 
Finally did up a yarn swatch of all my 4 seasons Marvel 8 Ply yarn. I’ve a lot of colors and I don’t want to buy multiples of them (if ever I buy anymore). They’re 100g each and over 400m so I do have a lot of yardage. Plus I seldom use acrylic yarn, other than to make toys or accessories or homestuff, I don’t use them often. 
Took out my acrylic yarn and placed them in a drawer in order to encourage my using them. Hoping that I’ll use them more this year! Plus, doesn’t it look colourful? 

Speaking of yarn stash, I sold all these last week. I cleaned out my room and packed away yarns that I’ll never use in order to minimise the creative chaos. This year’s goal is to use more yarns than I buy! 
Well, that’s it! Thanks for listening and following my knitting rant. Sometimes I just wanna share about knitting a little. It is my current top hobby.  
I’m contemplating if I should switch up this blog to a knitting blog specifically, but I don’t think I will. I don’t have that much knitting to share, plus it’ll kind of annoy non-knitters if I keep yakking about my knitting, won’t it? 😉 

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