The Valentine Weekend

Hi everyone! 
It’s the Valentine weekend! Do you have something special planned, or do you perhaps choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day? My boyfriend and I don’t really celebrate Valentine, but our anniversary falls a week before that, so it is kind of a mash-up celebration. It is just a day when we feel extra grateful that we have met and are together. Like Thanksgiving! 😉
I made a special Valentine card this year. I got some spinner stamps from Art Impressions last black Friday and decided to try it out! I thought it looked easy to make, but like always, Instagram always makes everything easier and simpler than it looks. Here’s my card. 

The spinner card that I made. You twist the center piece and when you open the card, it’ll spin right back. 
I took a photo of it in the room that we got for the day, so don’t mind the background. One thing that I noticed immediately after I assembled the card was that the string would loosen over time as you keep twisting it. I added some glue to it at the tip because the washi tape doesn’t help keeping it in place, but it still looks like it might come off eventually! If I am to make another of it, I will glue the string down sans tape. 

Calligraphy on the envelope. 
The card feels pretty simple so I jazzed it up with a colourful envelope. I got this paper from Michaels in New York. Did the brush calligraphy with Pentel Touch brush marker, my current favourite. I really need to practice brush calligraphy more! I feel rusty. 

Coloured page from Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest. 
I’m trying to do more coloring recently. Trying to play around with my watercolors, because I have an idea for the next series of cards. I am a fan of Johanna Basford’s coloring books, I’ve got all three of them! Dug out my huge box of Derwent Inktense color pencils and my water brush for this particular page. I wanted to accentuate the birds, but perhaps I should have stick to greys for the deer’s antlers too. If you haven’t fallen into this whole coloring craze that has been going on recently, you really should give it a go! It is good for relaxation. I tend to color before bed. 

The second pair of socks I finished this year. 
I am also a big knitter. Currently, I am crazy about knitting socks. I am on my third pair now, and I aim to at least knit 12 pairs this year! I can only do cuff-down socks now, but eventually (when I’m bored), I’ll learn how to do them toe-up! Or maybe on a circular needle, two at the same time! There are so many ways to knit a sock, so many techniques to try, that I’m really quite happy with just knitting this for now. It helps that I have bought a lot of sock yarns that are all so pretty and clamouring to be knitted. 

I heard about TokyuHands on Instagram last week and wanted to visit. Confession: I saw a fellow planner girl on IG with this beautiful leather pen book band on her midori that I just had to have. I have been to TokyuHands before, but it didn’t wow me (probably because I didn’t look through the shop entirely). This time I headed to the stationery section straightaway, and it blew me away! I found so many things, including the leather pen book band that I was looking for. I got an extra Sierra Incense Cedar ballpoint pen that I love (I bought 3 during my trip to Shanghai and have been wanting to get more ever since), plus their pen refills. They even stocked their mechanical pen companions! Then I saw the yellow pencil case and it went straight into my shopping basket -I am a big fan of yellow. I also got a cute pair of travel scissors. I initially intended to bring it to snip yarn and threads when I travel, but it wasn’t that sharp. But it is still a handy little thing. Several other things that I got: a tea infuser and several refills. 
I am a big fan of TokyuHands now! True, their prices aren’t cheap, but their selection of stationery is superb. They even stock all kind of Midori accessories! I saw a lot of notepads and post-it notes that are so beautiful and funky. I didn’t get any because I already have too many at home that I can’t finish. I wish that they could have more kinds of washi tapes though and perhaps more coloring options. I only saw a little shelf for Copic ciao and some coloring pencils and paints. It certainly wasn’t as big as their pen section. 
I’m hoping that I would be able to finish another pair of socks by next week, and also get more studying done! The Chinese New Year certainly threw everything into a jumble! In the meantime, I’m settling down at my table with some chocolate ice cream and my knitting for the weekend! Because chocolate ice cream is the perfect companion for Valentines! 😉
Thanks for dropping by, 

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