Travel Post: US 2015 Trip Part 1: Washington DC

Hi, thanks for dropping by, and thanks for dropping by when I’m away! I’ve been dealing with very bad jet lag, waking up at 5am in the mornings and sleeping most of the day away. Hopefully I’ll be able to break the cycle tomorrow. I really don’t enjoy waking up before the sky is lit, nor sleeping fitfully despite the long hours. 
But enough talk about that! Let me show you some photos I’ve got of Washington DC. I’ve got nearly 2000 photos over the last 2 weeks, so this is really a small slice of what I saw. Washington DC was hot and much too sunny. I got sunburnt on the fourth day while walking around the Tidal Basin. It was really just a lot of walking in DC, and everything feels so far apart. It took 45 mins to an hour walking from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. With the sun bearing down on you.
Here’re some photos! Hope you enjoy the slice of my vacation! 🙂 I’ll put up Part 2 of NYC next week! 
(All photos are taken by me, and unfiltered.)
US Capitol 
Exhibition at the Air and Space Museum

Our first pretzel in the US. It’s too large and feels sticky in the mouth. I rather prefer Auntie Ann’s! 

The Castle and the garden outside. It’s very beautiful. 

Went to this museum. It’s a very good museum to visit. I’d highly recommend this to everyone. 

The White House, with 2 fences, and plenty of security and police outside (not in the photo). Also not in the photo are the tourists who were busy snapping away with their cameras.

American presidents. Photo taken in the White House Visitor’s Centre. 

The other side of the White House. 

Washington Monument. I must have taken hundreds of photo in 360 degrees. 

Thomas Jefferson Memorial from across the Tidal Basin.

Washington Monument and the National WWII Memorial. 

Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. It’s one long long long stretch of road. 

Lincoln Memorial.


View from the Lincoln Memorial. It’s very picturesque. 

I saw plenty of black-eyed Susans in Washington.
This squirrel followed us for a while. I’m guessing he has been fed by the passers-by on this road and thought we had food.

A guy working on fossils in a lab in the Natural History Museum.

Hope Diamond. It’s much more beautiful in person. The camera refused to capture the dark blue sapphire properly. 

We visited quite a lot of museums over the four days. Stayed home on the fifth day because I was down with flu and frankly, my sister and I needed the rest. The weather was particularly hot, and the sun was blazing. I live in Singapore, so I know all about hot weathers. There isn’t a lot of tall buildings around the mall in particular so there wasn’t much shade at all.

We missed out on the National Gallery, which I felt a little sad about. I wanted to see the paintings and gain some inspiration for crafting. 
Museums I enjoyed
Natural History
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the photos. I’m ready to head back to bed… getting a little groggy. 
Have a good Sunday, 

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