Midori Traveler’s Notebook Review

Hi! I’ve scheduled another review post for the the two weeks I am going to the US! Without further ado, let’s move on to the post! Warning, I took plenty of photos! 🙂
For those of you who hadn’t heard of the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (MTN), it is basically a piece of leather wrapped around a few notebooks and secured with a rubber band. It is that simple. It is also very versatile. You can switch out the notebooks anytime you want, or just switching the placements of it. You can add in things to create your own unique combination with accessories like pouches, folders, or even DIY your own. The notebooks also comes in many different types: monthly, weekly, blank, dotted or lines. 
Without the notebooks inside, the cover is just a piece of leather. I bought the blue MTN in Shanghai, and some accessories too. I forgot how much it was. 
The top. The round thing hides the knot of the rubber band. 
The bottom. I find the black string too long so I wound it around the blue band, instead of cutting it off. I’m not sure how useful the black string is.. but just in case…
The inside. The leather itself is 2mm thick. It comes with only the blue rubber band, but I added in the black rubber band to match the double strap of my fauxdoris. The traditional midori puts its knot closure in the back. You can feel the knot when you are writing in the last notebook but otherwise, it stays out of the way. The inside feels a little like suede. 
The back of the cover. I love how the Traveler’s notebook is etched properly and deeply enough. I often see substandard stamping in leather goods, and it doesn’t look nice at all! 
What I had in my MTN: 
-3 blank notebooks 
-1 pouch
-2 DIY Dashboards
-2 charms 
How it looks when it’s all full and decorated. I use this notebook as my creativity outlet and scribbles. 
A close up of the charms. I bought them from PaperGeekMY
A look from the top. You can see how I secure the 3 notebooks in the midori. It is also rather full now. I can add an additional notebook, but it might bulge out and the rubber band will injure the notebook when it closes. 
A side view. 
Pros of the MTN: 
  • Good for planning and jotting down notes on the quick
  • The size (regular) is similar to a clutch purse, which is a very nice shape in a bag. 
  • Being able to switch notebooks around is a big plus 
  • I’m a big fan of leather products! Love the smell of it!

Cons of the MTN: 

  • Can only fit up to 3 inserts comfortably.  
  • The knot at the back isn’t well-designed. 
I love my Midori even though I’ve bought 4 other Fauxdoris that don’t have the cons of the MTN, for the sole reason that the Midori is my first foray into the world of Traveller’s Notebook. I probably would not purchase any more Midori; yay for Fauxdori!! 
Online stores where you can purchase a MTN: 
If you know anywhere else that sells Midori Traveller’s Notebook, please comment below! 🙂
I hope this helps if you’re on the fence about whether to invest in an MTN. It may not be cheap, but having a notebook system that works for you is important! I’ve switched between many different types, from notebooks to ring planners to electronic planners and none has worked out as well as my Midori systems. I used one for my crafting, one for daily planning, one for writing, and one for school. I’m currently using the blue one as my creativity outlet and doodles. 
Don’t worry, I hadn’t neglected my Hobonichi at all. 😉 
Thanks for reading! Have a great Sunday! 

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