Reivew: Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog today! This post is done weeks ago because I am on a two-weeks trip to the US! I’ll definitely have more to share when I get back! In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram, where I am still very much present!

Today I’ll be reviewing a Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen. It is the very first fountain pen that I owned. I got it from JetPens, together with some cartridge refills. It is USD$13.75 each. If you want to buy locally, you can get it from NBC bookstore (there’s one at JEM) at about SGD$16.50? I forgot the exact price. But it is cheaper than buying from JetPens, especially if you include the shipping fees.

A first look at the fountain pen. It is cutely packaged, meant to appeal to children. Hence the smiley on the metal nib. It comes in a wide variety of colors, so there’s no lack for choice.  There are two kinds of nibs: fine and medium. I prefer fine tips, the finer the better. I did some research for beginners-friendly pen, and the reviews of this pen is pretty good. The price is another persuading factor. I don’t think I’d want to pay a hundred dollars just to try a fountain pen. 
I bought some cartridges to go with the pen. JetPens has a list of recommended refills for this product. No worries about buying a refill that doesn’t fit!
The pack comes with the pen itself, and a black ink cartridge. The body of the pen is made of plastic, and half of it is transparent, so you can see it when your ink is running low. The transparent part only comes with the white-bodied Kakuno FPs. The black/dark-grey ones don’t have it. They have a dark-grey translucent body that doesn’t allow me to see through it as well. Rather odd, I think. 
How to put the ink cartridge into your pen
I’ve photographed the direction in which the cartridge is supposed to be inserted in the photo. Just push it straight down, no twisting, and that’s it! Easy Peasy. 
Sometimes it takes a while before the ink flows down to the nib. I have a notepad handy to scribble on after I refill the pen. If the ink still doesn’t flow, I’ll shake it a little, and watch the ink runs down through the transparent plastic. Like I said, this transparent body is really handy. It took a over ten minutes before the ink comes out for my first pen, so don’t panic if it doesn’t seem to work at first! 
Another thing I love about this pen: it is amazingly sturdy. Especially for a fountain pen. I’ve dropped it twice and it has held up well. I’ve got ink pens whose tips crapped out on me after I dropped it once, so for a fountain pen not to do the same, I’m very happy. 🙂
A look at the pens and the various ink colors I got.
The orange capped one is the dark-bodied pen I mentioned earlier, the one without the convenient transparent body. I should probably have stuck with the white-bodied ones. 
I got the traditional colors, black and blue, and also sepia ink. The sepia is less brown and more red than I’d like, and it is also more expensive too. I’d skip it next time I am buying ink refills. 
A look at the ink cartridges I bought. The black and blue inks are considerably cheaper than the sepia ink. A box of 12 black inks cost USD$4, while the box of 5 sepia inks cost USD$3.55.
I really enjoy writing with this pen. At first I thought that the pen would be too thick to be comfortable for me. But I have adjusted just fine. It is also smooth to write with, and the nib isn’t as picky as I had imagined. I can write in any direction I want (even if the smiley is not facing up) and the ink will still flow out. There is no learning curve for this pen at all! That is amazing, I think. 
The one downside of it is that there is no clip to this pen. I can’t clip it to my fauxdoris, which is a shame, although it does fine being secured with the rubber bands. Otherwise, it is indeed a very good beginners-friendly fountain pen. 
Do you own a fountain pen? If no, are you willing to give it a try? If yes, which fountain pen do you own? I am very much a beginner when it comes to FPs, so it would be nice to hear opinions from someone else! 
Thanks for reading! And a happy Sunday! 

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