Travel Preparations for a Crafter

Hi! I’ll be on a flight to the Washington DC tonight! This trip has been in the planning for a few months and I am incredibly excited about it! It is also the first trip I’ll be going with my sister, for slightly more than 2 weeks. Hopefully we don’t drive each other crazy. 😉

This blog post will be on something related: Travel Preparations for a Crafter! As you know, travel preparations for a crafter is different from any other traveller. There are many things you have to look out for, as well as prepare! Here, I will be sharing what I do before I travel.

Before I was a crafter, my luggage was much lighter before and after my trip and I probably don’t spend so much either. Well, crafts and hobbies really bulk up your expenditure like nothing! I can personally attest to that. One good thing about travelling now is that everything holds possibility. I see art and inspiration everywhere I go. And when I shop, I look for things that I can use in my crafting in the future! Shopping for clothes now seems rather mundane. 🙂
The things I do before my trip has certainly changed too. I am more craft-focused now, and you’ll definitely not catch me outside without a notebook at the pen!
Check out Local Craft Shops
One of the first things I do when I have a destination in mind. I will google local craft shops like yarn shops, art and craft shops, bookstores, and stationery stores. So far I find London a really good place for yarn and books and Bangkok a place for stationery. I’m hoping that New York will prove to be a better place than both of them! 
Contact stores for an Arrangement
I did this for my trip this time. I needed for yarn for my blanket so I contacted PurlSoho to have my order put aside for me. I don’t want to be missing any skeins I need when I reach there! You can certainly do this too if you want any store to help you with an order. I think most would be happy to help!
Deciding what comes along on your Trip
A crafter is never far away from her crafting supplies. That is true. I always have my passport sized fauxdori with me wherever I go. It has certainly come in handy plenty of time when I needed it. Plus it is a perfect size for my passport. 🙂 For my US trip I am lightening my load by bringing only my Hobonichi Cousin, which I used as a diary, and my blue MTN. I filled it with selected inserts that I’ll use over the next few weeks and left the rest at home. I also brought a pencil case with markers and pens. I am cutting down on the supplies I bring because I intend to bring a lot home. 🙂 I need to save space and weight. I also know that on this trip I’ll be on-the-go most of the time, so I won’t be sitting still and drawing/painting. Thus, no point in bringing those!
Sorry for my messy luggage. It’ll look less messy when I filled it to the brim, trust me. 

Bringing back your new Art Materials
This is important!! There must be a way to bring back what your bought safely, especially if you are bringing back inks or glass bottles. I always travel with a huge bag full of ziploc bags. These really comes in handy when you have a lot of yarn to compress together. It was how I brought my tiny mountain of yarn home from London in March! Ziploc is also useful in ensuring that inks won’t leak out and mess up your entire luggage space. I wrap my inks in plastic bags, put a rubber band under the lid to secure it. You can also masking tape the lid to seal it. And if it’s made of glass, make sure you wedge the bottle someone securely so it can’t move or bounce around at all. I always tuck it in between bags of clothes.
This is scribbled down by my boyfriend. As you can see, the writing is completely different from the shopping list I wrote! 
Start a Travel Journal 
This has become another habit for me since I began making a yearbook. I needed a way to jot down all the sights I’ve seen and things I’ve eaten and what I’d done everyday so a travel journal was a good idea. You won’t forget anything at all if you’d written them down. Of course, provided that you were diligent in keeping track of these activities. I usually do them at night, in bullet form if I’m particularly tired. I also keep all sorts of keepsakes from the trip, like my air tickets, brochures and any little things that I find. Keep all these in a bag (I use another ziploc bag) so it won’t be scattered and messy after. 
These are the things I do before I go on a trip. Of course there’re many other preparations to be made, like googling how to get there, and planning your crafting itinerary. But these 5 things are what I always do before I travel. I certainly wasn’t doing these a year ago! 
Share with me what you travel preparations you make before you embark on a trip! Do you have any tips for travelling? 
As always, thanks for reading! 
Have a lovely Sunday,

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