Knitted Pen Pouch for Midori Traveler’s Notebook: Pattern

Hi! Hope you guys are having a great Sunday, or at least manage to sleep in until noon! As usual, Sunday is a busy day for me. I am writing more blog posts and scheduling it for the 2 weeks that I am in the US. Hooray for that! I am excited and can barely wait! 🙂 
Part of my traveling necessities now includes my trusty midori & fauxdoris. I am deciding how many I should bring along! I obviously didn’t want to overload my luggage with all of them! I just created a nice pen pouch to carry my stationery securely when I am travelling. 
If you have a midori/fauxdori, you’d know that carrying a pen with the notebook is a bit of a hassle. You can tuck the pen under the rubber band, but I find that way a little insecure when you want to carry multiple pens along. (Those who colorcoded their writing and scribbles can relate to this.) I really do not want to throw them into my bag because it’ll take ages to dig them out everytime I want to use it, and I am reluctant to put them in a pencil case when I only need 3 pens. And I don’t want the look of DIY pen loops.
I saw a very classy leather pen holder by Foxydori on Esty here. Perhaps I’ll buy it sooner or later, but in the meantime, I created a very pretty and easy to make knitted pen pouch that suit my purposes very well!
Materials you need
– Leftover yarn: I used Vera Moda Cotton Mini. Each skein is 25m. I used dark brown and beige so that it’ll match my brown fauxdori. The yarn requires 4mm needles. I don’t think I used more than 25m to make the pen pouch. 
– Yarn/cotton thread cutter. 
– 4mm needles: I used a pair of DPNs because I don’t want to go to all the trouble to fix my circular needles. 
– Needle for weaving in the ends 
Dimensions of Pen Pouch
My pen pouch is 16cm x 4cm or 6.3inches x 1.6inches. It fits 3 pens perfectly, lying flat. If I have to redo it, I would probably make it shorter. Needless to say, the size really doesn’t matter when making this pouch. 
You might want to take into account the number of pens you want to put in the pouch and make it according to size. I’ve noticed that if the pouch is not filled, the pens might slide out. On the other hand, you might consider sliding the pen handle outside of the pouch (see photo below). The ‘holes’ in the knitting will ensure that your pens stay securely where it is. 
Pattern for Knitted Pen Pouch
This is so easy that to call this a pattern is actually a joke. But just in case there are some who actually want something to base it on when they modify their pen pouches to their needs. (This is my first pattern so please be kind! 🙂 ) 
Knitted Flat
Cast on 20 stitches. 
Work in stockinette stitch, with a knit row first. 
(Stockinette stitch is a repeat of alternate knit rows and purl rows.)
Continue until the needed height. I measured with the pens I intent to put in. 
Work in a last row of purl stitches. 
Cast off. 
To Make Up 
Fold the knitting into half with the smooth sides facing each other. 
Stitch one short side and the long side together.
Turn it inside out. 
Ways in which you can change the Pen Pouch
-Knit it in stripes 
-Try intarsia knitting to add a nice pattern
-Add cables to the knitting
That’s all I have today! I hope you enjoy the pattern as well as the pen pouch! It’ll certainly become a regular in my travels! 
If you’re curious about my fauxdori, it is from PaperGeekMy. I bought several of them. The above is the Mocha Brown in saffiano leather. I absolutely adore it! You can view it on esty here. 
Have a great Sunday! 
As always, thanks for reading! I’d love to listen to your opinions and comments about the knitted pen pouch. And if there’s anything unclear about the pattern, I’d love to clarify it! 🙂

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