My Very First Plant: A Fittonia Pot

Hi! Thanks for stopping by again to my blog! I just bought a plant for my room and I am so excited to share it with you! 
There are several stepping stones in a person’s life when it comes to caring for things, particularly living things. First, you get a plant and learn not to kill it, next you get a pet (We once had a family pet goldfishes, which sadly fell sick and all died), and then you take care of a child. Caring for a baby is scary, and it feels like a big responsibility, one that you can’t really walk away from or give up when the going gets tough, and that is why I wanted to start small! A plant is a great place to start! Plus it helps add a dash of greenery to my room. 🙂 
I bought my plant from Flower Matters located at Alexandra Retail Centre. It costs $20, which was considerably more expensive than those the succulents from Ikea which was recommended to me. Succulents from Ikea cost $2.90 each. The downside about getting plants from Ikea is that most of them are abused by the shoppers. I feel so sad when I visited the plant section. 
I am pleased with my pot though, and do not mind the price. It has a nice glass pot, and some decorative stones and even a little cat figurine which I took out because I wanted to keep things simple. I was told how to care for it by the friendly florists, and my pot was wrapped up and ready to go. (Ikea doesn’t provide bags for your purchase, by the way. Try carrying small pots home without a bag. 😦 ) Most importantly, I was able to get the name of the plant, which means I can google and check out what others had said about the plant! We all know how important google is. 
This is Fittonia, otherwise also called, Nerve Plant. It thrives in indirect light, and if it is placed in the sun, it’ll get burnt. Which makes it a good indoor plant! Fittonia likes water and humidity, but too much water and humidity attracts insects. So let the soil dry to one quarter of the pot before you water it again. 
I used a satay stick to test for the dampness of the soil. The part where the soil sticks to the stick, means that it is damp. Here you can see that the soil is 3/4 damp. The florist taught me this. Rather handy. 
Another photo of the plant. It is small, the pot is about the size of my palm.
My plant is doing well, and I am pleased that to have it in my room! It adds a little life and energy, I think. It sits in a shady area near my window that never gets direct sunlight. I did purchase 2 small pots of succulents from Ikea, which I repotted into a nice glass mug. Unfortunately, I underestimated the skill needed to repot them, so… one of them is a little droopy. I am still waiting on it to see if they will do well. 
Do you have any plants in your room? Have you tried your hand at gardening before? Let me know what you think about plants in the house! 
Have a great Sunday and thanks for reading! 🙂

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