Hobonichi Review

 Hi, thanks for stopping by! I missed last week’s post and I’m making it up with a Hobonichi Review now, and hopefully another post later this week.

Written with Zig Cocoiro Lettering Pen

I only just stumbled upon Hobonichi several months ago, and bought my journals nearly two months ago. I have been using it religiously everyday, and I am proud to say I am a convert!

I bought the A6 and A5 size journals and covers, with 2 plastic cover protector to go along with it. The A5 Cousin is in japanese, but I got the english version for the A6, although frankly speaking, I don’t really flipped through the journal to read it much because I just use it as a food diary. The english translated version is more expensive than the japanese version. 
Here you can see how the journal is fitted into the cover, and how the plastic cover fits as well. This is the A6 version. Did I mention that each cover is handsewn individually? And I like the feel of the fabric. I don’t keep much things slotted into the card slots, so these are empty for now. 
Monthly over 2 pages
Each journal comes with a monthly and a daily. The A5 journal has a weekly spread too. Which is why I prefer the A5. I like my notebooks as big as possible, with as much space available to record as many things as I want to. 
One Day Per Page.
What I love most about this is the Daily portion of the journal. I was worried that the grid will interfere with my writing, that I’ll have to stick to the grids, but the lines are not very dark and obvious. Which is why so many people are able to use these journals as a sketchbook! 
Weeklies, only available in A5. 
I use the weeklies to record what I did over the week, as well as events. I’m not sure why these aren’t available in the A6 version. It’s such a pity. 
A look from the side. 
The Hobonichis are not very thick, even though it has plenty of pages. The pages are designed to be thin but of quality, and I often use markers without plenty of seepage. I even tried using a dip pen on it, and it turns out wonderfully! 
A note of caution though, if you’re like me and pressed very hard when you write, you should invest in a pencil board, or place a hard cardboard under the paper before you write so that you won’t leave impressions on the next page. I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle so I left it alone. 
The book lies flat.
Another impressive thing about the Hobonichi is that it lies flat when you open it! No more battling with the notebooks anymore when you write! I may love this function most of all! 
I ordered my notebooks from the Hobonichi store itself. It’s about $150 in total, I’m not sure about the exact amount. But it’s worth the money so I don’t mind paying a lot for it. 😉
There are plenty of ways to use the journal! I like to google Hobonichi and look at how the others use their book! There are so many beautiful pages out there! It doesn’t need to be limited to just being a journal or a planner! 
Are you currently using a Hobonichi? Do share with me what you use your Hobonichi for? I’d love to hear from you! Or are you interested in getting/trying out one? Tell me what you love most about the Hobonichi! 
Thanks for reading,

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