Shanghai- A Travel Post

Hi, everyone! 🙂
This is going to be a short post. I wanted to share some of the things I did in Shanghai. I was there for only three nights, and I didn’t wander out of the hotel much, so in truth, I didn’t really do much. I did manage to do some art and calligraphy and take a few photos there. 
A watercolor postcard I did of the sight outside my hotel room window. The skies have been cloudy and drizzling the four days I was there. Not much else to do, so I stayed in the hotel most of the time while my boyfriend was at work. 
One of the reasons why I don’t feel the need to go out of the hotel: Starbucks. Starbucks is the place I go whenever I travel. If there is a safe haven I know, it is here. No matter where I go, Starbucks has been very dependable in its atmosphere and service. I swear, sometimes I feel like I am back home when I enter the cafe. It’s a place where time and place stay the same. I brought along some lettering worksheets by ThePostmansKnock to do while I enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. You can find the worksheets here
View from my room.
Quote by Dr Seuss.
And food of course! I can’t possibly post a travelling post without food. This is the famous Xiao Long Bao. Can’t go to Shanghai without eating these. I must have eaten like fifteen. I ate plenty of food there! Everything just tasted sooooooo nice! But not the hotel food. The hotel food is a little below par. 
I also got a Midori Traveller’s Notebook. We walked into a stationery shop (there wasn’t much to shop there either, since they tax all imports and the price are much higher than the same thing we would have gotten at home) and the first thing I saw was the Midori! Of course I have to get it! I also got some pens. It was pretty expensive ($7SGD for the pen), but… Well. Pretty happy about the notebook. I also got a 365 Days Notebook which feels very high quality as well. I haven’t tried because I don’t know what to use it for. Actually, I don’t really know what to use my Midori for either. 
Well, that’s what I have for the trip. Not a lot, really. I had a bad neck ache from all the travelling, so I rested a lot. But I did get a lot of time with my boyfriend, which was what the trip was about, so the trip was a success! 🙂 
Thanks for reading, 
Love,  Jennifer

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