Reasons Why You Should Take Some Time to Craft Everyday

Hi! I am blogging again! And I hope I am here to stay! I certainly would like to try. 🙂 I’ve got so much to share (I’ve learnt plenty from my crafting everyday) and I have thought of a way to deliver them without jumbling all the information up on my blog. I used to blog thrice a week, but now I have decided to keep the blogging to once or twice each week so that I can focus more on the blog content. Let’s see how that hold, shall we? 😉

Since I began crafting daily, I realised several changes in my life. I am much happier and things around me go much smoothly too. I am content to sit in my bed with my knitting and the radio on, or spent hours just colouring or drawing in my sketchbook. Taking some time to craft everyday has made me more cheerful in general, and I want you to have that too! So I came up with a list of reasons why ‘You Should Take Some Time to Craft Everyday’.

Crafting Makes You Feel Good
Whether you knit, paint, bake or draw, the fact that you created something from scratch should give you a kick! Not anyone could take a number to different materials, and come up with something, and not two people who possess the same materials will come up the same thing. I am not very good at mindless doodles and creating patterns, but there are people who are, even if we possess the same type of sketchbooks and markers. Feel proud of what you can do because creating something is beautiful and inspiring. And the more you practice, the better you become at it.

Crafting is relaxing
When you craft, for that precious few hours, you forget all the problems in your world and concentrate on what is before you and making it awesome. Time always flies when I open my sketchbook, but it is a mark of me truly enjoying my interests. Don’t get too particular about the perfection of techniques when you are crafting, and simply enjoy your time doing it. I find that when we get bogged down by little things, our pleasure decreases. We decided we suck at it and simply give up on crafting. If you’re happy doing what you’re doing, it’ll show in your craft.

It feels good to make Something for others than to Buy it
Yes it does! There are any number of crafts that can be given as gifts to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, strangers… Cardmaking, baking, knitting and crocheting, sewing, drawing and painting, letter writing, and any number of DIYs that are readily available on the internet as the holidays get closer. DIYs are a very sincere way to celebrate any special occasions, and they are often cheaper too. On the other hand, certain gifts, like a hand-knitted blanket, cost quite a bit to make it, in terms of time and money, but I have heard those often become treasured family heirlooms. When something is made from your heart, the receiver will treasure it more.

Entertainment Value
Crafting is very good entertainment, financially, as compared to other means, like watching a movie or catching a show/concert. I actually read somewhere comparing between the cost of knitting and the cost of a movie ticket, and knitting actually won in terms of cost per hour being cheaper than that of watching a movie. (I’ll link it as soon as I see the article again.) It does make sense. Craft materials do not need to be expensive, (think paints or markers or pencils) but they can last really long. Furthermore, there are plenty of interest groups where people gather to talk about what they love. You get to do something you like as well as meet new friends! What’s there not to like about it? Grab your materials and go!

Crafting is your creativity speaking out and your individuality rearing its head
No two people will create something exactly the same, even when they are imitating each other. Just think about those forgeries of famous art, they can’t hold up under close scrutiny to the original. There will be something about the materials, the brushstrokes or the style that was different. In some cases, some forgers created something different on purpose as a signature! Is there anyway we can avoid wanting to express ourselves when it comes to art? We have our own preferences and way we do things. So next time you think what you created is ugly, dismiss that thought! Because what you did is you, and it’ll be appreciated by the same people who appreciate you.

Look up what appeals to you. You can bake something delicious, or cook beautiful meals. You can scrapbook memories or make cards to commemorate special occasions. You can participate in needle arts: knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, cross-stitching. You can draw, write, paint. Or go for something different like pottery-making, candle-making, or even wood and metal work. It’s never too late to learn something new, nor will you be too old. Simply enjoy what you are doing and you will be happy, I promise.

Would you give crafting a go? Let me know if you decide to try, and share your experience with me! I am a huge proponent of hobbies. 🙂 I hope you do become happier if you decide to take some time to craft everyday. Our lives are too hectic not to slow down and do little things we enjoy.


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