Tuesday: And how everything might be alright

Hi! I hope you managed to start off your week great yesterday! It’s always a drag on Mondays, that’s why I occasionally try to do something to cheer me up! Like arranging for your posts and parcels to arrive on Mondays! That never fails. 😉

I had to delay the customary Monday’s post because I was attending my boyfriend’s birthday party. The actual birthday wasn’t actually yesterday, but it was the day he could take the day off work so we could celebrate! There wasn’t anyone else at the party but the two of us! Just the way we like it. We, or rather I more than him, prefers intimate gatherings than a huge crowd. There’s just something about a private conversation than a general and polite one! I never did have the patience for (did I get the correct term?) drawing room conversation. So, I made him a few things for his birthday. They’re all up on Instagram, but I’ll post it in this week!

I have been communicating with the customer service at LoveKnitting about my Addi Long Lace Click set which hasn’t arrived after nearly a month, and they have agreed to send another set to me with tracking number so that the parcel wouldn’t be lost again! I definitely hope that it will arrive soon. I am so eager to try out a new set, even though I am not lacking needles now. The customer service at LoveKnitting is exemplary as others have said, and they do get back to you very quickly, about a day turnaround.

I have also spoken to the customer service at Writer’s Digest about my magazine subscription because  I haven’t been receiving my previous subscription. I was only emailed twice when it should have been eighth or thereabouts. I got a reply in a working days (emailed them on a weekend, and got back Monday night) with all my missing subscription! Got to love it when your queries are answered so quickly!

Not sure if you can tell, but all my posts and parcels aren’t coming along as smoothly as I’d like! I was supposed to get my Deborah Lippmann polish from Luxola between 6-9pm last night so was rather disappointed that it hadn’t arrived! But in the end, all was well, because the guy came at 10plus, perhaps 11pm? My guess was that the frenzy over the sale on Friday (Luxola had an hour say where everything was 40% off, 35% off on the second hour, and 30% off on the third hour). I am pleased to get my first ever Deborah Lippmann polish at a discount, with free shipping too! I am wearing it already -photo is on instagram! Follow me at craftingwithjennifer– and I’ll review it in the next blog post.

Thanks for reading and look out for subsequent posts if you are interested in either the party or the polish review! Have a great day ahead!

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