Writing and Lettering, Knitting and Watercoloring

I posted on Monday that I would love to try watercoloring. Since I am not the sort who could wait -instant gratification is my kind of thing- I went to buy some inktense pencils on Tuesday at Art Friend. I only got the 12 pack, for I noticed that it was much cheaper on Amazon, and if it was really good, I could simply get more online, yes? Of course, one never enter Art Friend unscathed. I came away with more watercolour paper, some markers and some felt too.

I spent this week dabbling in calligraphy and lettering, and if you have been following my new instagram account, you’d know that my skills in that area still leaves much to be desired. But now is not the time for it! I am eagerly waiting for my holidays! So much things to do and so little time!

I have also given up on the idea of watercoloring beyond pencils and water brushes. I don’t think I would be good at it, and am not that interested in it to refine my skills. Better I stick to what I have now and improve upon them! Well, at least I haven’t bought any watercolour supplies from Amazon!

What I did buy was a brand new knitting book from Kinokuniya- 400 knitting stitches by Potter Craft. It was slightly more expensive than buying online but I am glad I got it all the same.

I finished a couple of knitting projects this week. I completed my giraffe and it wasn’t the best-looking guy but it was all done my me! There must be some techniques on sewing a toy together because all my toys are so weird after they are assembled! Please share if you do know of some tips on the assembly of knitting toys! I’ve also being eyeing PurlSoho a lot recently, and they just put up the pattern for the Jasmine scarf, which I am dying to make! I tried a swatch of the pattern, and if you are careful with counting stitches, it actually isn’t a complex pattern at all! I am also drooling over the colorblock blanket for a while now. All their patterns are so beautiful! Loveknitting has a Stash Attack sale going on currently, so if you need more yarn, head over soon! It ends on 30 March!

I have also been on a reading kick recently. I finished George Orwell’s Why I Write, and Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, which makes me feel so guilty for knitting while listening to her insistence on how women need to be educated on the same grounds as men instead of priding herself on her ‘accomplishments’. I read somewhere that the interest in knitting actually fall when there is a rise in feminist fervour. I always find feminism a very interesting but complex topic. Right now, I am listening to Emma (thank god for audiobooks, I have no idea why it took me so long to discover them!) while I knit my sister’s scarf.

My latest copy of Writer’s Digest came this morning and I have been perusing it. I have a month’s dateline for my 6000-word portfolio and I still haven’t written anything. I have hit a block on creative writing, and all the writing I am doing these days are essays and commentary. Oh, the irony! There was a time when I couldn’t write anything but fiction! I’ve also rediscovered Scrivener and unlike my previous try, I watched a video on how to use it before I downloaded the 30-day trial.  Scrivener is complicated if you try to use it blind, but the how-to videos clarify everything up, as well as letting you know what the app offers. I am now a convert!! The app is a writing app that is created for writers, thus geared towards their tastes and preferences, as well as their needs. You can try the app here.

Well, this is a rather long post! If you manage to follow my meandering thoughts till here, thank you! I hope your week is as full as mine, with plenty of discoveries and creations! Do enjoy your weekend!

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