A Quiet Monday

Hi! It’s Monday again! Hope everyone had a great weekend and was ready for a new work week this morning!

Singapore woke up to the news of Lee Kuan Yew’s death and the island has been mourning the passing of a giant. He had done many things for our country and we will never forget the part that he played in our history.
I had a busy Monday actually. Remember when I said that my body clock was still firmly on London time? Well, I decided last night (or rather this morning at 3am) that I should really pick my ass up and head to a library to study, since exams are in five weeks time and I have a ton of studying to do, but all I have been doing was knitting. So that was what I did. I studied… and read several art books on watercoloring and knitting. 
Yes, I am going to make a little foray into watercoloring too. I prefer watercolors to acrylic paints, though I am no great painter. Actually, I am not good at coloring at all, and my drawing is only marginally good. I am one of those people who do ‘above average’ to ‘moderately good’ at a multitude of things, but excel in none of them. I just like to dabble, and go where my mood and inspiration strike me. And they are telling me to try my hand at watercoloring. 
I have been doing my research, and I think I’ll invest in some Derwent Inkense Pencils and blocks. I want portability too (so that I can really sit down and scribble, knit, draw, write whenever I want to; I don’t like jotting down notes on my phone) so I’ll probably get some watercolor kit. But those will have to wait till next month, because I have already overspent on this month’s craft allowances on yarn. 
I am still knitting and am working on several projects. I’ve got a striped giraffe in the works, a slice of cake already done and perhaps I’ll cast on another one. I finished a rabbit knitting kit and knitted a chick and I intend to knit another chick again. I learned how to knit in the round with double pointed needles and how to make an i-cord, how to SSK, and several others. My order of Idiot’s Guide to Knitting and Crocheting just came and on the first look, they are really great! The photos are in color and the instructions extremely clear! I just bought another book on stitches today-I think I’m addicted to them- and will pore through them later. They are a great way to master your techniques as well as trying out new patterns! 
Thanks for dropping by! Are there any crafts you are dying to get into? Share them with me! I promise to be very encouraging! 😉 I am a great hobby-enabler.

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