Polish Review: Essie and Revlon

I am sorry that this week’s review post is late! I am having a little trouble adjusting back to the time here, and as a result, I have been sleeping at odd hours (like at 6.30am in the morning and waking at 2pm). In truth, I am not sure if I want to readjust myself, since I find the solitude at night conducive to my creativity. 

Anyway, here’s the review for the week: nail polish! As I promised on Monday! I actually swatched these on Tuesday but had procrastinated posting it till now. I bought these from London and I am absolutely loving them! 
First up, I have Essie Sugar Daddy, a sheer pinkish jelly. I like that you can wear it as the base for a french. This is three coats (I usually do three coats). The first two coats are thin, so it dries fast, and then a thicker third coat that allows the color to shine through. You can still see my nail line, and it looks very natural. I am loving sheer and nudes recently, so this one is my current favorite! I actually put it right on in London! 
Next, Essie Ballet Slippers: another sheer white jelly with a hint of pink. This is shown in three coats as well. The first two coats are streaky, but the third thick coat covers the streakiness. This looks very feminine and demure. Love it! You can see a bit of nail line in the photo, but in real life, the nail line isn’t very obvious. 

Essie Russian Roulette: a red jelly that is semi sheer. The nail line is still visible through the first two coats, but the third one covers it up well. This is less sheer than Ballet Slippers and has the same consistency. I actually prefer this is Essie Too Too Hot (shown later), because this makes my fingers look paler.
And here I have Essie Too Too Hot, a coral red creme, unlike the rest.  I have no idea why I got this shade when I don’t actually wear much red shades at all! This applies like a dream, and two coats would have suffice but I used three here. It is very bright and the color a bit loud. 
I thought I should share a bottle shot of Essie Too Too Hot and Russian Roulette because they look similar in the photo. Too Too Hot is more of a coral whereas Russian Roulette is just a red. And yes, that is the notebook where I was scribbling my notes while I swatched. I decided that I should keep a notebook of every craft I do, because every so often I do tweak a few things, especially knitting patterns. 
I always love Essie, not only for their polishes, but their bottles as well. I like the embossing and the glass bottles much more than I like OPIs. Their polishes has a quick drying time, which is good because no one likes to wait around waiting for the polish to dry! Have to be careful with the red shades though because they have a tendency to pool around your cuticles and they also stain nails upon removal. 
Last but not least, I’ve got a Revlon! I don’t use this brand often but I thought I should just pick one up anyway. This is Sky’s The Limit from their Colorstay Gel Envy line. This is a sheer sparkly shimmer ice blue. The first two coats are streaky and the third coat pretty much covers all the imperfection. Note that to apply such polish, you have to let the first two (thin!) coats dry first before you apply the third coat or the brush will drag the polish and you’ll be left with bald patches. Next thing you know you’ll be dabbing polish on the bald patch which is a big no-no in this case because you can see a tiny bit of brushstrokes! This polish makes my nail beds look red, and as usual, the glitter got all over upon removal! 
I hope you enjoy my polish review! It feels nice getting back to blogging about polish! I feel like my polish stash has been neglected for the past year! Thanks for letting me share!

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