It’s Monday Again

Hi! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I am back in Singapore around Sunday evening, and I just spent the last 24 hours unpacking and resting. The flight back was pretty bad this time, I was feeling sick from the long car ride to and fro Westfield and Blackfriars, followed by the long ride to the airport. So the 13-hour flight made me really sick. Once I opened my eyes and the whole world was spinning. I was really really glad to get out of the plane by the time it landed.

On another note, I was in one of the planes that was outfitted with a new entertainment system (Singapore Airlines). The screen and the remote was touchscreen! Quite cool! Although in typical ‘me’ way I manage to hang the screen three times and it auto-restarted thrice, I think it is still very cool! Not that I had much time to explore the system, because, like I said, I was feeling very sick.

The first thing I did when I got back was to open my packages from WoolWarehouse and Loveknitting! I am so happy to have my yarn (Lily n Cream, Drops) and some needles. Sadly, my set of Addi Long Lace still hasn’t arrive yet, I shall wait for them eagerly over this week! Hopefully, they’re just as good as Knit Pro Symphonie.

(I do have a complaint though. I bought more metal needle tips from Knit Pro, and when I opened the packages to put the tips with my Symphonie set, I kinda mixed up their sizes. The needle tips themselves are not labelled, which annoys me a lot. Now I am not sure if my 3mm and 3.25mm needle tips are properly labelled (I wrote the size on the small card they came in, which is not labelled too- the only label they have are on the outside of the plastic, which is thrown away once you open it).)

I also got some knitting kits to try, so I’ll definitely make making that soon. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up soon, so perhaps I’ll try to make something as well, or at least a new card. I have been following starofmay on Instagram (she has a blog too: kwernerdesign) and she has been doing some hand lettering/calligraphy with watercolors that makes me want to break out my paints too. She has also been doing some watercoloring too, and I really want to try my hand at them too. Check her out!

I got some nail polishes from Essie at Boots (Is that the one? I am not sure which one but it is definitely a drugstore just past Top Shop at Marble Arch), and perhaps I’ll do a review on them! It’s been a long time since I did reviews for nail polishes! I used to have a nail art blog but I hadn’t maintain it for a long while.

So… it’s good to be home, and to be back with all my comforts. I have got plenty of fun stuff to examine and play with, so watch out for them!

Lastly, thanks for dropping by! Have a good week and keep healthy!

Edited: Want to see the amount of yarn I got from London?

I didn’t count them, but these are several pounds worth of yarn. Phew. I could already tell that I love Debbie Bliss and Sublime already! 

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