Knitting in London

Well, I can’t say I have been knitting plenty this week! I have spent a lot of energy traipsing the museums and galleries and battling the cold! By the time I got back to the hotel at around 5pm, I am tired in mind and body and I just want to sit down and do nothing!! Still, I manage to do some knitting, mainly some swatches.

Things I’ve learned: 

Moss Stitch: I did this loosely at first, because I was trying to get use to my new Symphonie Interchangeable. The pattern start coming out when you are a couple of rows in, which was when I realised that because my stitches were so loose that the pattern didn’t look very tiny. I continue on for 2 inches, then did 4 rows of garter stitch, and did 2 inches of tighter moss stitch. Now I can tell what happens when you do your moss stitch loosely. I’m not sure if I like this pattern, because of the switch between knit and purl, the progress is rather slow. The pattern does look very textured and pretty.
(knit, purl, knit, purl)

Double Moss Stitch: I am halfway through this, and the pattern looks somewhat like a basketweave. I guess checkered is a more accurate description, because according to the Stitch Library by Claire Crompton, basketweave follows another pattern entirely. This feels less tedious then Moss Stitch, but if I have to choose between the two of them, I would have to confess to prefer the Moss Stitch.

I have also been casting on too tightly, so I have been watching that when I cast on. My latest swatch has a looser cast on, but it is less uniform. Oh, how hard it is to knit something perfectly!!

I have also bought a few knitting books recently. I read somewhere that beginner knitters shouldn’t bother with books because most information could be gleaned from the web anyway, but I just thought it would be really handy to have a compilation of information at my fingertips rather than to go online to search for it every time I want it. While I am not sure how useful guide books can be (I don’t think there is a strictly correct way to knit, though those books might have some useful tips in them), some people might like to learn from a book rather than to navigate through the tons of information available on the web. I am quite please with my pattern books though. The one that I got, Stitch Library, contains 200 stitches in it, which I think will come in useful for practice, as well as when I want to design something in the future.

I am posting this before the weekend because I’ll be leaving London on an evening flight tomorrow! My week is over so soon! I can’t believe it! Time flies! Just like the previous time, I’ve learned so much since I arrived. And I’d like to think I have grown a bit more independent! There is nothing like getting lost and navigating through the streets alone trying to find the correct path, that helps you build your confidence!

As always, I hope you have fun reading my post and thanks for dropping by! Have a great weekend!

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