Week in London

Hi there! I am posting this from London! I am here for the week, and I am already having a blast!

Right now I just made some pasta- I am staying at Town Hall Hotel at Bethnal Green, and they have kitchens in their suite, which is so awesome. I have discovered a couple of good eats this time. I found this small cafe/supermarket (although it is too small to be termed a supermarket) called Melrose and Morgan. They stock the best granola ever!!! I bought bags of two sour cherry granola (I am a big fan of granola!!) and I almost melted when I had it for breakfast this morning. I also got some of their pasta, and am eating it for dinner.

I visited most tourist attractions on my last trip, so this trip will be more relaxing, without me having to rush from places to places. To tell the truth, Bethnal Green is a little out of the way, so it was hard to go anywhere. I stayed at Seven Dials last trip, so I could walk everywhere! And I did!!

The weather is much colder now (I came during summer on my last trip), but I am getting used to it. And everytime I remember how hot it is in Singapore, I couldn’t even get annoyed at how irritating it is to take off your jacket indoors and having to put it back on when you head out here. It makes shopping a hassle!

I visited John Lewis today. They do have a good selection of yarn. Definitely not something you see in Spotlight. I also bought Knit Pro Symphonie Double Pointed Needles and Interchangeable Needles. The first thing I did when I got home was to test the interchangeable needles to see if they screw right. I have heard a lot of complains about problems with attaching the needle tips to their cords. I am now swatching these and hopefully I could pick the best yarn by Friday, and could go back and buy more of it!

Oh, and when a pasta packaging says serves 2, even if it is ravioli and there are only eight in the package, don’t underestimate their portion!! I love eating ravioli, and am always surprise by how full they made me after eating just a few of them.

I am going to finish my dinner and head back to my knitting! Thanks for stopping by!

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