Yarn Review: Patons Cotton Blend 8 Ply

Yarn: Patons Cotton Blend 8 Ply
Composition: 50% Cotton 50%Acrylic
Weight: 50g
Length: 95m
Gauge: 22sts 30 rows
Needle: 4mm, UK8, US 6
Care: Machine Wash (Gentle Cycle), or Hand Wash. Do not Bleach or Tumble Dry. Dry Flat in Shade. Warm Iron. Dry Cleanable.
Manufactured: Made in China
Price: S$6.99

This is my first working yarn and I made a scarf with it. I’ll wear it in London (the flight is tomorrow! Hooray!) and let’s see if it’ll keep me warm! It does keep my lap pretty warm when I knit in an air-con room, so I don’t think that’ll be a problem. I like the feel of the yarn. It works well, has a weight to it that makes it feel expensive, and the colors are really bright and colorful! I have another set of blue ombre colors to make another scarf, and I am using the leftovers to knit Penelope a striped blanket. I haven’t washed it or anything, and I’ll update here after I wash it to see if the colors run or stay the same. I knit the scarf with a 3.75mm needles instead of a 4mm as suggested. I do wish the that yarn was a bit longer than 95m though.

I realise that I do like cotton, so I’ll be buying more cotton yarn and testing to see how they feel. I’ve got plenty of yarn and needles in transit! Absolutely can’t wait! 🙂

Updated: 28 March 2015

I’ve worn my scarf to London and am very happy to announce that it is really great at keeping me warm. It did shed some on my jacket, which is a little annoying (but perhaps I should have washed it before I worn it? I had noticed this shedding when I knitted in bed, and found that the red yarn would shed on my bedsheets. The other colours don’t have this tendency though.

It also held up to my handwashing after I came back. It was less a handwash than a soak-in-the-water-and-step-on-it-then-wring-it-dry event. I have no idea how to wash them by hand otherwise. It feels much better after I wash it. It feels… clean.

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