Of Carrots and Coasters

More knitting this week! I am quite industrious this week, I think! I knit a carrot for Penelope, a pillow with her initial sewn on, a coaster for my sister, finished my beanie and left it on George (my build-a-bear teddy which I got from London last September), and I have been reading up on techniques!

The beanie that George is wearing is far too big for him, but is a little tight on a person’s head. I knit it flat with a simple pattern I found online, using one skein of acrylic yarn I got from Daiso. I am supposed to use 5.5mm needles, but I only have 5mm needles or 6mm, so I used the smaller one instead. I am also supposed to work the beanie until it is 7inches tall, but I think I ended it around 6.5inches, because I was running out of yarn and I didn’t particular wanted to switch to another skein since I was so close to finishing. Besides, it was only a practise beanie, I figure it wouldn’t hurt much. I definitely know I am going to learn how to knit in the round after this! I don’t like how the beanie looks after I sew the sides together.

My carrot is quite a success! It is super cute. There are some mistakes, and I wasn’t very neat, as usual, but overall, it looks pretty well done. I did realised the importance of the mattress stitch when it comes to sewing the ends together.The pillow was pretty cute. I made two rectangles from the leftover yarn from my scarf: a pink basketweave one and a white garter stitch frame with stockinette stitch instead. Except I miscounted, so my basketweave has one less row, and my white piece is bigger than my pink piece. I also picked up the wrong needle for the pillow- instead of a 3.25mm needles, I used my 3.75mm needles, which is way too loose for me to stuff it without the stuffing showing through. No problems though, I took out some pink cloth that I got from Spotlight (I wanted to make Penelope a dress, but I gathered that I should research on how to make a dress first), cut a piece from it and make a pillow with that. Then I sew the two knitted rectangles into a pocket, and stuff the pillow in it. It’s like a pillow case. So all’s well, ends well! I am rather happy about how it turns out.

I made a coaster with my acrylic yarn, same as the one I the carrot. I got this yarn from Spotlight, at a cheap $4.99 for over 200 metres. It is Marvel 8 Ply by 4Seasons. They have a lot of colors and I pretty much got two of every color so I can make toys with them. It is soft enough, but not exactly something you want to wrap around your neck, I think.

I also realise that are way too many patterns for washcloths and dishcloths online but not enough for coasters. I have been trying to look for new patterns from dishcloths and making them smaller so that they are more coaster-sized. I saw this book online on knitting patterns and I wanted to buy it! Perhaps not so soon… I’ve still got plenty to learn.

Techniques I’ve learnt: 
M1: This is rather easy after you catch on. Although I wish some patterns will state clearly if we’re supposed to make one purlwise or knit wise.
YFB: This is tricky! I had to watch several videos on youtube, and had to pause and restart the last one so that I can catch onto the second part of this increase-stitch technique! The video at LionBrand is practically useless, because I can’t see what her hands are doing for the second half! But after you figure it out, it is like a breeze! I practise this using the slant dishcloth pattern at KnitPicks. You also get to practise your decreasing too!
Decreasing: Definitely fun to do. Something about decreasing makes me smile! Maybe it is because you know you have less stitches to knit, and that your project is finishing soon!

My flight is at 9.10am tomorrow morning, so I can’t post this during the weekend! I have a feeling that I’ll be too busy having fun anyway! 😉 Although the duration of the flight (14hours!!!) isn’t something I look forward to, the destination makes me smile!

I’ll try to post from London next week!

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