It’s nearly mid-week! Hope your week has been going well!

I am still kitting up a storm! I finally finish my scarf yesterday afternoon, and I started a new project immediately. I have this pastel pink Jellycat bunny that I adore who travels everywhere with me. I am heading to London this Saturday so she will be coming along too! Penelope, her name, is as excited as I am! I went out last weekend to buy some coats (I have none), and now that my scarf is ready, Penelope said she wanted something too! I knitted up a scarf for her, and yesterday I started on a pillow and a striped blanket from yarns leftover from my scarf. The pillow is just adorable!!! I even initialised her name on it. There’s some mistakes but overall I think it is just so charming. I’ll see if I am able to take a decent photo soon. What I need is a lightbox, actually…

Sadly, after all that knitting, I have to rest today. My thumbs hurt! That leaves me a little grumpy.

I managed to do some stuff as well, other than resting a lot and drooling over yarn online. I rearranged all the knitting patterns online and I wound some yarns into balls. Even though the prepackaged yarn is doing okay, I realised that I should just go through the yarn to check for knots, after another knot disrupted my knitting today.

I have been researching on where to buy yarns in London. I think I’ll visit some shops there, and maybe carry a luggage full of yarn back! I am really excited to be visiting London again! I think it is heaven on earth.

Or maybe it is just the weather where I am now. Gosh, can it get any hotter?

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